About Us

Welcome to Loesch Kaffee, where the art and science of coffee come together to create an exceptional coffee experience. We have been dedicated to the craft of roasting and delivering the finest coffee beans to coffee enthusiasts around the world. Our journey is one that celebrates the rich traditions of coffee while embracing innovation and sustainability.

Inception: The Vision of Serving Vietnam's Best Coffee

We embarked on our journey with a vision to serve the finest coffee in the heart of Vietnam. Beginning in 2023, our small café became the seed of an idea that, with a team of experts and coffee masters, aspires to grow and flourish in the years to come.


    At the heart of our operation lies the artistry of coffee roasting. Our experienced roasters treat every bean with the utmost care, unlocking its unique flavor profile. We believe that each coffee bean has a story to tell, and our roasting process reveals those stories in every sip. From carefully sourcing the finest green coffee beans to the precise timing of the roast, we ensure that your coffee experience is nothing short of extraordinary.


    As stewards of the environment and the communities we work with, Loesch Kaffee is committed to sustainable practices. We source our coffee beans responsibly, supporting farmers and their communities. Our efforts to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact are integral to our mission. We believe that a great cup of coffee should also reflect our dedication to a better, more sustainable world.

Loesch Caffee

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